Eye Care Solution Set



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Use this eye care kit to keep your coloured contact lenses clean and safe for use. To prevent eye irritation it is important to ensure your coloured contacts are always cleaned with lens solution to remove dirt and build-up. This will also ensure your coloured contact lenses stay bright, colourful and safe to use for the intended life span.


1 x 60ml Eye Accessory Care Solution

1 x contact lens case

1 x tweezers

  • All in one coloured contact lenses solution
  • Suitable for storing, cleaning, rinsing and lubricating lenses
  • Made in the EU
  • How To Clean Your Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Wash your hands
  • With the coloured contact lens in the palm of your hand:
  • Add a little lens solution
  • Very gently rub the lens with a clean fingertip
  • Place lens in storage case and fill with solution
  • Do this after every wear of the lenses
  • Also follow this procedure if the lens feels dry or irritates
  • Always store lenses in a storage case with solution
  • Always change the solution in case after each wear
Manufacturer Code: 85002
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