Read carefully and make sure you fully understand all the provided instructions before using your coloured contact lenses.

Are the coloured contacts hard to put into my eyes?
The instructions are simple and included with every product we supply.

How do I put my new coloured contacts into my eyes?
All coloured contact lens products comes with detailed instructions on how to use.

Do I need an eye test before buying?
You do not need an eye test before buying any of our products although we recommend everyone has regular eye tests for their own piece of mind.

How long will my new coloured contacts last?
Until opened the coloured contact lenses will last for three years. Once opened it depends on the life span of the product purchased and this information is detailed on the packaging and included literature. You can wear them as many times as you like during the life of the coloured contacts.

I already wear glasses, does this mean I cannot use coloured contacts?
Except for the prescription coloured lenses we sell, all coloured contact lenses available on our site do not alter your vision and therefore there is no reason why you cannot wear them with your glasses.

I already wear contact lenses, can I wear coloured contacts at the same time?
No, if you wear contact lenses to correct your vision, you must choose from our prescription coloured contacts and wear these instead.

Is there a minimum age to buy your products.

If you have any questions about any of the products we sell please do not hesitate to contact us at info.uk@coloured-contacts-hut.com.