Daily Wear Contact Lenses V/S Extended Contact Lenses

Today, most people prefer wearing contact lenses owing to different reasons. Some wear to correct their nearsightedness or farsightedness. Some wear toric lenses without any lenses. And, some also wear multifocal lenses for presbyopia.

Contact lenses are designed to meet the various eye needs of people. Therefore, distinguishing the daily wear lenses and the extended contact lenses is of no use. However, prior to buying, you must have basic knowledge of both. For instance, daily wear contact lenses are lighter and thinner, can not be worn while sleeping, no cleaning required, are soft and could be worm for 12 hours a day. These are usually recommended for youngsters or the first-time buyers.

On the contrary, the extended contact lenses come with another plenty of features such as these are microbe resistant, require daily cleaning, could result in eye irritation, could be worn while sleeping and so on. Often recommended to sports people or patients, these also make a suitable choice for the ones who need it.

However, regardless of which contact lenses you buy, make sure you avoid swimming while wearing, smoking, and entering into dusty spaces to keep your eyes prevented from any kind of problems

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