Coloured Contact Lens Base Curve/Diameter Explained

Diameter (D)

The diameter of the coloured contact lens is the width at the widest posible point of a lens (edge to edge). Many different lens diameters are available but most coloured contact lenses come as 14mm diameters which cover and look the natural size for most peoples iris. Most coloured contact lens manufacturers also make 15mm lenses which are generally sold as ‘Big Eye’, ‘Circle Eye’ or ‘Manga’ style lenses. Even though these lenses are only slightly bigger in diameter they can create a dramatic affect.

Base Curve (BC)

Coloured contact lens Base Curve refers to the inside curvature of a lens and should match your cornea to feel comfortable and allow for proper oxygen transmission. Although the actual number it self does not really mean anything to the wearer most contact lens are between 8 and 10. The larger the base curve the flatter the lens will appear. The smaller the base curve the more curved the lens will appear. The most common base curve produced by coloured contact lens manufacturers is 8.6 as this feels comfortable for most wearers.

If a lens feels loose and slides easily when worn then you should consider a lower base curve. If the lens feels tight when worn then a larger base curve would be advised.

Coloured Lens Hygiene Rules

Below are some basic rules to remember when it comes to wearing and storing your coloured contacts. If you stick to these you shouldn’t go far wrong.

  • Never let anyone else wear you coloured contacts. Sharing is normally good, but not in this case!
  • Never swim, shower, bathe in your coloured contact lenses.
  • Never sleep in your coloured contact lenses.
  • Never wear dry, dirty or damaged coloured contacts.
  • Never wear lenses for longer than their maximum wear time. (Normally 8 hours)
  • Always handle your coloured lenses with clean dry hands.
  • Always clean your coloured contacts after each wear.
  • Always store your coloured lenses in fresh solution in a contact lens case.
  • Always read the manufacturers instructions about how to use and care for your coloured contacts.
  • Always be gentle with your coloured lenses when handling, they can easily be damaged if handled without care.
  • Always remove your coloured contact lenses if they irritate or cause redness.
  • Always check with a doctor if irritation or redness continues after removing your coloured contacts.
  • Always make sure you do not wear lenses after their lifespan has expired. Once they have expired throw them away.

Inserting Sclera Lenses

This guide is for inserting Sclera lenses only we also have a guide for inserting coloured contact lenses.

Inserting sclera or scleral lenses can be a bit fiddly so below we give our tips on how to insert them but you should always follow the manufacturers instructions.

Important: We cannot stress enough how important good hygiene is when dealing with any lenses and your eyes.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Rinse the sclera lens in contact lens solution to help soften lens and remove anything on the lenses or your hands including hairs, eyelashes, etc.
  • While looking down pull the upper lid up using the hand not holding the sclera lens.
  • Rest the upper edge of the sclera lens on your sclera (white of eye) and push it up until you can insert the bottom edge under your lower lid.
  • Gently slide the lens into the correct position.

It is normal for sclera lenses to feel uncomfortable when first worn especially if you are not used to wearing them. This will improve as you get used to wearing them. If the discomfort continues stop wearing them.

Removal is the reverse of the above process except you’ll need to use your fore finger and adjacent finger to gently pinch the lens to remove.

Cleaning Dropped Coloured Lenses

Dropping a coloured contact lens very rarely does it any damage, but you should follow these simple instructions before placing a dropped lens into your eye.

  • Although unlikely, first check for any damage. Do not wear damaged coloured contacts.
  • Place the dropped lens into the palm of your hand printed side down and pour a little contact lens solution onto the lens.
  • Very gently rub the lens with your index finger for about 15-30 seconds. Do not use your nail.
  • Check the lens is clean, if you’re in any doubt try cleaning again. Do not insert a dirty lens into your eye.
  • You can now wear the lens or place it into it’s storage case ready for your next use.

Coloured Lens Cleaning

When it comes to owning a pair of coloured contacts, the most important thing to remember is always keep them clean. This way you’ll get the maximum life from the lenses and you’ll also be in the best position to avoid eye irritation and any problems. Just about all problems related to coloured contact lenses are due to lack of hygiene and just following the simple steps below to clean your lenses should ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your coloured contacts.

  • Always make sure your hands are clean and dry.
  • Place the lens into the palm of your hand printed side down and pour a little contact lens solution onto the lens.
  • Very gently rub the lens with your index finger for about 15-30 seconds. Do not use your nail.
  • Check the lens is clean, if you’re in any doubt try cleaning again.
  • You can place it into it’s storage case ready for your next us

Removing Coloured Contacts

While you can wear your coloured contacts for up to eight hours at any one time, you must not swim, sleep or bathe while wearing them. Before removing your coloured contact lenses make sure you have the case and contact lens solution ready.

  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry.
  • Using your left hand pull back your top and bottom eyelids.
  • Using your right index finger slide the lens to the outer corner of your eye.
  • Using your right thumb and index finger gently pinch the lens and lift out of your eye. It will likely take you a few attempts to get the hang of this. Use a tissue if your eye starts to water.
  • Place the lens into the palm of your hand with the printed side down and drop a little contact lens solution onto the lens.
  • Very gently rub the lens using your index finger (not your nail) to rub the lens for 15-30 seconds.
  • Place the lens in it’s case, fill with contact lens solution and close the lid.
  • Repeat the above process for the other eye.

Removing your coloured contacts may take a few attempts, this is normal so don’t worry. Even people that contacts every day sometimes struggle.

How To Insert Coloured Lenses

Here we discuss how to insert your coloured contacts. Some people find inserting coloured lenses difficult and fiddly especially if they’ve never worn lenses before. Read on and hopefully we’ll help you with a few tricks on how to get your coloured lenses into your eyes so you can enjoy them without worrying about how you insert them into your eyes.

First time around it make take you a few attempts to insert your coloured contacts, don’t worry this is normal especially if it’s your first time wearing lenses. You will get used to inserting them and will find that after a few times it becomes very easy. To start with make sure you are in the best location to insert your coloured contacts. This really needs to be a brightly lit area with a wall mounted or free standing mirror, so the bathroom is normally the best place in most properties. Also make sure the surface under wherever you’re inserting your coloured contacts is clean and clear from other objects in case you drop a lens as this will make it easier to find.

If you have long nails or feel more comfortable you may find it easier to use tweezers to help insert the coloured contact lenses in to your eyes. Our instructions are for right-handed people, obviously left-handed people can use the opposite hand if it proves easier.

  • Always make sure you hands are clean and dry.
  • Pick up the lens and place it onto the tip your right index finger with the printed side down (so it curves upwards).
  • Make sure the lens itself is not dry, dirty or damaged in anyway. If it’s dry or dirty use lens solution to clean. Do not wear damaged lenses.
  • Make sure you other fingers and the eye area a dry by using a tissue.
  • Using the finger next to your right index finger pull down the bottom eyelid and use your left hand to pull up the top eyelid to expose the white all around your eye.
  • Looking straight ahead into the mirror place the coloured lens onto the centre of your eye. You should feel it settle onto your eye.
  • Remove your right index finger from the lens, now keeping you eyelids pulled back, look left and then right and then release your eyelids and blink, the lens should feel settled and in place.
  • Now just check in the mirror to make sure the lens is over your iris.
  • Repeat the above process for the other eye.

It is normal to want to blink when you move the coloured lens towards your eye, practice will stop this reflex. A couple of tips to overcome this are try exhaling before introducing the lens to your eye or practice holding open your eye and bringing your index finger towards until you’ve learnt not to blink. Of course practice make perfect, so for the first few times allow yourself a little more time to insert your coloured contacts.

How To Wear Contact Lenses

Coloured contacts are easy to wear and can be good fun if worn and cared for properly. To avoid eye irritation it is important that care is taken over how your coloured contact lenses are worn and looked after. Coloured contact lenses are safe to wear, however to get the most pleasure and enjoyment from them for their full life span you should take care to make sure they are worn correctly and cared for properly. Almost all problems encountered with coloured contacts are due to improper care and/or use of them, but with a bit of guidance and ensuring you read the instructions supplied with each pair you should get many hours of fun and pleasure from your coloured contacts.

The supplied instructions are the first place you should go to make sure you are wearing and looking after your coloured contacts properly, but feel free to browse our pages for extra help and guidance on how best to get the most from your coloured contacts. Our guides are meant purely as guides and are not definitive and you should always refer to the supplied instructions if you are experiencing any problems.

Coloured contact lenses are very easy to use and look after, basically the key is to just to keep them clean at all times. All you need to keep your coloured lenses clean is contact lens solution and a case to keep them in when you’re not wearing them. Read on through our guides to find out our advice on how best to get the most from your coloured contact lenses.

Coloured Contact Lenses- Time to Flaunt

Do you wish to look like your favourite star who wears whose eyes look most beautiful with the stunning lenses she wears?

Today, establishing a unique style statement has become the need of the hour. In the race to look different and evergreen, not only the common people but the celebrities also try out new ways to flaunt their personalities. Some of the famous actors and actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson, Catherine, Britney Spears, are known for their astounding eye contact lenses they wear.

That means, changing the eye colour can just transform your look in seconds without having to do much. With perfect colored contact lenses you can flaunt your new way of living and get admired immediately.

From the vast range of colours to choose from, it is wise to pick up contact lenses, which match your skin complexion and eye colour. Also, as these are delicate items for your eyes, you must not forget to provide the proper care to them such as keeping them in the case, daily cleaning, removing while sleeping, and so on.

The easy to use contact lenses not only give you a good vision but an enhanced overall appeal, which you can retain for a longer period of time.

Pick the Right Contact Lenses for yourself

Are you tired of wearing those traditional, ugly looking sunglasses and now planning to do some makeover? Sunglasses are a common trend. However, with the advent of colored contact lenses, now you can not only change your eye color but you can also transform your overall personality.

  • Get an eye exam
  • Get a prescription
  • Follow all the contact lens care instructions
  • Do not share your contact lenses with anyone else
  • Do not purchase contact lenses without being prescribed for it
  • Search for the Best Colored Contacts

You can buy colored contacts in any color you wish to wear some of which, may even match with your favorite celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears. You can spend some time over the internet and get to know about the trendiest colors in which celebrities flaunt their eyes and you can certainly find your colored contacts at a reputable online store.

Today, with the innovations in these contact lenses, you can flaunt your personality as well as stay at utmost comfort while wearing throughout the day. The easy to use and easily disposable lenses allow you to lead a convenient, and easy going life.